The International Module at MIRBIS -The Moscow International Higher Business School

The Russian module explores the dynamic Russian economy, its unique culture and market opportunities. The core of this module focuses on the political, social and economic dimensions of Russia with a special focus on opportunity areas for new investments in a transitional economy. The experience comes alive through visits to different locations that illustrate Russia’s diversity. Participants gain an appreciation for the challenges the country faces in the economy as a whole.

The module shows the role and place of the innovation system of the Russian economy development in strategic sustainability of local and international companies.

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Moscow, Russia 109147

Maria Guseva
Program Manager
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This program aims at showing the main areas of Russia’s innovative development and exploring opportunities of entering a new emerging market. The emphasis is put on development of a real project taking into account features and peculiarities of doing business in Russia. The key advantage is forming strategic and creative thinking of a manager in a new economic environment.


  • The International module combines lectures, workshops, networking and culture components.
  • The course represents combination of faculty expertise of the leading business school in Russia, top managers of Russian and international companies, businesspersons, politicians and graduates from the EMBA MIRBIS program.
  • The participants will start working at the course project in mini-groups from the first day of the program, and will present it for a crash test to investors and accelerators at the end of the week.
  • During the module, the project groups will work through
    • Technological and Internet innovation
    • Design thinking and project elaboration
    • Social business innovations
    • Priority development territories opportunities
    • Development of partner contacts

Program at glance (PDF)

Overview of the program

  • Saturday, September 17th: 
    Arrival to Moscow and Welcome Dinner (restaurant “Starina Muller”, address: Vorontsovskaya Street., 35b)
  • Sunday, September 18th: 
    12:15-16:00. Bus excursion around Moscow and visiting the Red Square, the Kremlin and the Armoury Museum (Departure from Hotel Vorontsovsky, address: Vorontsovsky pereulok, 5/7, bld.2)
  • Monday, September 19th: 
    Technological and Internet Innovations

    MIRBIS Institute
    8:30-8:45 - Russian Language Hour
    8:45-9:00 - Welcome and Introduction to MIRBIS
    09:00-10:30 - Lecture and Q&A session: “Business in Russia: areas of growth and development”  Prof. Sergey Chernikov
    10:30-12:00 - Dividing into groups, statement of tasks for the week: "Possibilities of entrepreneurship projects’ development in Russia" Prof .Marina Korsakova and prof.Elena Pereverzeva
    Project session “My business with Russia or in Russia”, team work, ideas and projects development. Prof.Elena Pereverzeva 13:00 - departure from MIRBIS
    13:30-16:00 - Company Visit. Internet Initiatives Development Fund. Acceleration of internet projects, meeting with the company’s management (
    16:30-18:00 - Company Visit. Yandex, a Russian Internet company, the largest search engine in Russia. Meeting with the company’s management (
  • Tuesday, September 20th:
    Design-thinking and Engineering
    Company office. Winzavod. Center for Contemporary Art
    10:00-13:00 Design thinking tools in the development of innovations. Infographics in business engineering. Yanina Urusova’s project – “Without boundary” – extension of engineering frames.
    14:00- 16:00 - Company Visit. Centre for architecture and design “ARTPLAY”. Seminar session in Britain school for design.
    17:00- 19:00 - Cultural programme. Master class at Sergey Andriaka Water Colour School.
  • Wednesday, September 21st:  
    Social Business Innovations
    09:00–13:00 - Company Visit. Social projects accelerator
    Impact HUB. “Social entrepreneurship in Russia: business for people”
    14:00-16:00 - Social projects acceleration. Technologies of social communication.
    Video-master class. Lecturers: A.Podkovyrov, S.Gerasimova, V.Vainer, N.Tikhonov-Rau
  • Thursday, September 22nd:
    Advanced Development Territories. Company visit.
    10:00–12:00 - Council of Federation. Upper chamber of the Federal Assembly - the parliament of the Russian Federation
    14:00-16:00 - Company Visit. Skolkovo Innovation Centre. “Russia is a  country of technological innovations”. Meeting with residents and managers.
    16:30-18:00 - Cultural programme. Art Gallery. Excursion – Tretyakov Gallery
  • Friday, September 23rd:  
    Designing the Future and Networking
    MIRBIS Institute. Panel sessions and networking.
    09:00–10:30 - “Functional strategies in finance, industry, marketing”. (faculty member to be confirmed)
    10:30-12:00 - “Commercialization of innovations”. (faculty member to be confirmed)
    12:00-13:00 - Finalizing the students’ projects
    14:30-16:30 - Projects presentation. Prof. Pereverzeva, Prof. Korsakova, Prof. Popkov.
    Networking – MIRBIS EMBA students
    Certificates awarding procedure
    18:00 - Closing dinner
  • Saturday, September 24th: FFree Day. Excursions - optional
  • Sunday, September 25th: Return Flights

Elena Arskaya

Corporate world consultant and coacher, professional CBSD (Centre of Business Skills Development) focusing on finance and personal effectiveness.

Vladimir Azarov

MIRBIS professor, retired officer; served in the UN peacekeeping forcers; analyzer and researcher at the Institute of Military history; author of four books and hundreds of articles on geopolitical subjects.

Vasily Bogoyavlenskiy

Professor, Deputy Director of Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, the Russian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russia.

Nikita Bykov

Vice-president of “Europlan” leasing company MIRBIS lecturer in “World Economy”; PhD in Economics.

Georgy Ivanov

Doctor of Military Science, Professor Georgy Ivanov finished MA programme in Political Science at Carleton University and did his MBA in the same field at the University of Western Ontario. He specializes at security, cooperation and sustainable development of the Arctic region.

Alexey Nikolaev

Innovations and Entrepreneurship Program Manager in “Intel Russia Company”. A graduate from Physics department, Moscow State University, PhD in physics and math.
Room Fees
5 minutes walk from MIRBIS
$128 single $80 double per person $192 studio per person
Metro Station: Krestyanskaya Zastava or Proletarskaya *If groups of students book rooms together, they can (and should) ask about a discount. Prices on the weekends are a little bit lower.
Room Fees
10-15 minutes walk from MIRBIS
$328 single $176 double per person
Metro station: Krestyanskaya Zastava or Proletarskaya *If groups of students book rooms together, they can (and should) ask about a discount. Prices on the weekends are a little bit lower.
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